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Ayurveda draws upon 5000 years of observation of human existence. It is a Sanskrit term, which means knowledge of life. Even a basic understanding of this profound system of health raises awareness to detect imbalances at a subtle level, supporting wellness.

Founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sri Sri Ayurveda is the signature name for Ayurveda within the Art of Living Foundation. Sri Sri Ayurvevda offers a range of rejuvenating tools, which perfectly complement those offered by the Art of Living Foundation.





'Marma …It works like magic. I wonder how a gentle touch and attention works so effectively…..I feel it’s a big boon to us from Ayurveda. I am very much thankful to Ann for making available this precious knowledge to us in a very easy and simple manner. Feeling blessed!’

::Trupti Naik, Calgary


'I did the Art of Wholesome Eating course a few years back. You’ll be amazed at the clarity of mind that will happen if you take the knowledge from this course and apply it to your everyday routine.’

::Kevin Weiss

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